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SEO - Search Engine Optimization Online Class

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Web Design - Online Class

3 Units - When you create a Web site, all your work will be in vain if no one comes to visit it. By far, the most common way for users to find your site is with the use of Search Engines. It's very important to know how to organize the site, what content to display, how to set up your links, etc., to make it easier for the search engines to index your site and to rank your site highly in the search results. In this class, we'll study how to optimize the site and pages. We'll also learn about other Web marketing techniques that are important for driving traffic to your site...........More about Online Search Engine Optimization Class - SEO

Online Dreamweaver Class

Dreamweaver - Page Layout for the Internet I - Online Class:

4 Units - In GCMW 102 you will learn the basics of Web design: how to create your pages, how to optimize your graphics for use on your pages and how to upload them to a server so that they will be available for everyone to see. We will use the state-of-art Web Design tool used most often by Professionals, Adobe Dreamweaver. In addition we will cover such topics as how to create interactive Web forms, how to find a host, and how to register a domain name. There is no prerequisite for this class.......More about Online Dreamweaver Class

Online Advanced Web Design Class

CSS - Page Layout for the Internet 2 - Online Class:

4 Units - In GCMW 202 we will continue learning about how to create pages for the Internet. This class will concentrate heavily on learning how to use advanced CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) effectively to create attractive and functional Web page layouts, as well as on some of the newer developments in HTML and CSS. Take your beautiful designs from concept to a fully functioning Web page that is standards compliant and optimized for quick download speeds. .......More about Online Advanced Web Design Class