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GCMW 115

WordPress - Web Pages

2 Units - WordPress is a content management and blogging software utility that has become extremely popular, because it allows individuals who don’t know much about Web design to maintain a Web site. WordPress is freely available and extremely easy to use. It’s flexible and it has great support among Web hosts and the developer community.  There are many users and many free add-ins available. Beginners can use it to create and maintain a complete Web site, as well as to maintain a blog very quickly and easily.

Web design professionals are often called upon to setup and to customize WordPress sites for clients. It’s important for both professionals and users to know how to setup and optimize WordPress sites so that their sites can have the features and design that they desire..........More about GCMW 115

GCMW 102

Dreamweaver - Page Layout for the Internet I - Online Class:

4 Units - In GCMW 102 you will learn the basics of Web design: how to create your pages, how to optimize your graphics for use on your pages and how to upload them to a server so that they will be available for everyone to see. We will use the state-of-art Web Design tool used most often by Professionals, Adobe Dreamweaver. For our graphics we will use Adobe Fireworks, a program that is part of the same Adobe suite and that was created just for the needs of Web designers. In addition we will cover such topics as how to create interactive Web forms, how to find a host, how to register a domain name, and how to get your site listed in the search engines. There is no prerequisite for this class.......More about GCMW 102

GCMW 202

Page Layout for the Internet 2 - Online Class:

4 Units - In GCMW 202 we will continue learning about how to create pages for the Internet. This class will cover some of the advanced capabilities of Dreamweaver. It will also concentrate heavily on learning how to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets effectively, as well as on some of the newer developments in HTML and CSS.......More about GCMW 202