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Section #70734 - GCMW 102
Aug 21 - Dec 12, 2023

You may take this class totally online!!!
No classroom attendance required.

Course Description and Objectives

In GCMW 102 you will learn the basics of Web design: how to create your pages, how to optimize your graphics for use on your pages and how to upload your pages to a server so that they will be available for everyone to see. We will use the state-of-art Web Design tool used most often by Professionals, Adobe Dreamweaver. In addition we will cover such topics as how to create interactive Web forms, how to find a host, and how to register a domain name.

Software Requirements:

For work at home, this class requires Adobe Dreamweaver CC .

After you enroll in class, you are eligible for Academic Prices on software. (Note: When you purchase this software at academic prices, you are getting complete versions of the programs. You need not worry about reduced functionality. The difference between the Academic version of Dreamweaver and the Full version is in the licensing. The academic version is only licensed for academic or private use. The regular version is licensed for commercial use.) Adobe is also offering good prices on bundles many of the popular Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Other software that you will need are the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and an unzipping (decompression) program such as the free Stuffit Expander to unzip files. You will probably already have an unzipping program on your computer.

Waiting List

If you are on the waiting list, or would like to be on the waiting list, you should email the teacher so that she can contact you if there are openings. The teacher's email address is:

Required Text

This is the latest version of the book and the one that we will be using in class. You can click on the link below to order, or you can buy it at the bookstore.

Note: We will be using the 2023 version of the book. It is available on Amazon. This version of the book will match the Adobe Dreamweaver software most accurately. However, there aren't huge changes between the new 2023 book and the previous two versions. You might be able to save money by getting a used 2021 or 2022 book. It's your decision on which version of the book to use.

Places to Get the Textbook


We are lucky that Against the Clock is keeping up with all of the changes in Adobe Dreamweaver. I'ts great to have a book that will match what you will be seeing on the screen. This book is available at Amazon, and in the Palomar Bookstore. You can also get it from Against The Clock publishers at their site. The publisher has both a print copy and a less expensive ebook copy. The ebook is protected with Adobe DRM, however, so you'll have to have an app that can read that format, plus an adobe account. (No cost for the app or the account.)

There are many e-reader apps, but very few that can handle the Adobe DRM format, so be sure that you look for that in the description. Apps that can handle the Adobe DRM format are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.

One Android e-reader app that is free, and that can read the Adobe DRM format, is called "Pocketbook." I liked that one better than the Bluefire Reader suggested by Against the Clock. Before you decide on getting the ebook, I strongly suggest that you try out the apps with a free ebook to be sure that they work for you, and that you enjoy reading this way.

You will need the textbook for the 3rd week of class.

Where to get the Book

Great Deal for Students

Amazon is offering free Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping) for 6 months.

Sign up here.

Some Class Topics:

  1. Orientation to the Online Classroom
  2. Understanding how HTML works
  3. Introduction to Dreamweaver Site Setup
  4. Basic Pages in Dreamweaver
  5. Creating Links
  6. Using Cascading Style Sheets to Format Text in Dreamweaver
  7. Using Cascading Style Sheets to Layout Your Pages
  8. Adding Images to your pages
  9. Image Optimization for the Web
  10. Adding Multimedia to your pages
  11. Styling Your Page Content
  12. Creating Attractive Page Layouts
  13. Creating Navigation for a Web Site
  14. Using Templates
  15. Managing Your Site
  16. Creating Interactive Forms
  17. Adding Functionality with Javascript
  18. Uploading Files to the Remote Server

Class Format:

Units will consist of teacher notes for background information, hands-on tutorials for learning the programs, and assignments for applying and practicing the new target skills. Students will upload their assignments to the student server.

Prerequisite Skills:

This is a beginning class in Web page design. No previous experience is expected. You do need to be familiar with using the file management utility on your computer for saving, managing and retrieving files.

Logging on to the class site:

Connections to the Palomar College Learning site are at: Canvas Login. You can login on August 21, the first day of the semester. Once there, click on the large "Canvas" button. You'll find our class listed on your list of classes.

Username: Students registered for this class will use their nine-digit student identification number for their UserID to login. Be sure to type in all 9 digits.

Passwords: For your password, use the same password that you use on eServices.

Problems Logging In: If you are experiencing problems, please contact the Academic Technology department for help.

eServices Email Address: Be sure to check your email address on eServices. Keep it updated so that if a teacher wants to send you some information, she will be able to. You can add a non-Palomar address, and then mark it as your "Preferred" email address. That way you can receive your Palomar email at the address that you use most often. Also, if you are unsure of your password for Blackboard, you can use the "Forgot Password" link, and the password will be sent to your preferred address.

Once you are logged into the system, click on the link to the Page Layout for the Internet, GCMW 102 class. Then read the Announcements that you will see on the first page. They contain instructions on what to do. You don't have to log in at any particular time of day. During the course you will be logging in frequently, but at times that are convenient to your schedule. You will have an assignment due at the end of the first week of classes, so it is important that you do login during the first few days of class.

Check Back Often:

This page will be updated to reflect any changes in information about the class. Please check back often.

Applying to Palomar and Registering for the Class

You can apply to Palomar College Online and register for the class. Please go to: Apply to Palomar.

Your application to Palomar College is free. When you apply, you will be given a student ID number. Once you have your student ID number, you will be able to enroll online for classes.

Enroll in classe at:

You will be enrolling through the MyPalomar student center. That's your online student account center where you manage your classes, fees, and registrations. The department college department for this course is Graphic Communication.